Clima Air Exchanger

Clima Air Exchangers

The Clima 200+ heat exchanger, manufactured by Agro Supply, allows you to fully control the climate in your poultry barn in all weather conditions with minimal energy use. This state of the art heat exchanger heats up fresh air from outside with warm air taken from inside the barn. Along with the heat exchangers’ high thermal efficiency of up to 80%, the use of the preheated air is further optimized by its distribution via the Louvre system. Intelligent software governs this technology and was developed based on a thorough understanding of climate control in poultry barns. The result, a substantial savings in heating costs, a significant reduction in CO2 levels and improved litter quality resulting in a healthier flock.

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Energy Savings

  • Most economical heat exchanger worldwide
  • Thermal efficiency of 80%
  • Up to 70% reduction in heating costs
  • Reduction of CO2 emission
  • Significant reduction of fine dust emission

Ideal Barn Climate

  • Optimal air distribution
  • Low ammonia levels
  • Perfect litter quality resulting in healthy birds
  • Reduced relative humidity
  • Optimal environment for birds and humans

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